Pre-Vocational Training


Pre-Vocational Training focuses on teaching individuals age 16 and older work readiness skills in order to prepare them for the competitive work arena or volunteerism. Provided at a 1:1 ratio, individualized training focuses on the areas of: 

  • Pre-employment
  • Transportation
  • Communication Skills
  • Money Handling
  • Community Access


Once we establish your Career Plan based on your individualized abilities and areas of interest, our staff will help you develop a resume, fill out job applications, help you develop interviewing skills, accompany you to job interviews, and provide any other support you may need. Our role is to work with you to find a job-with the assistance of family, friends and staff-that meets your expectations as outlined in your Career Plan.


To learn more about Pre-Vocational Training, please contact Judy Goldford at 314-567-7705, or by e-mail at