On-the-Job Support Services


Once you have been offered and accepted a job, our staff will assist your employer with job training. We also will facilitate the relationship between you, your supervisor and your co-workers. As you gain the skills necessary to do your job on your own, our staff will gradually decrease our assistance.


Job coaching, retention support and disability and diversity-awareness trainings are available to assist as the employee becomes accustomed to their new job. Additionally, consulting services may be provided to the individual, the employer and co-workers. Services also include making employer contacts and responding to problems on and off the job which impact job performance (i.e. transportation, hygiene, living situation). Ask your employment specialist if you qualify.


For more details on Life Skills' On-the-Job Support Services, please contact Judy Goldford at 314-567-7705, or by e-mail at judy.goldford@lifeskills-mo.org.