Extensive Staff Training

We want you to feel comfortable that your loved one is in the very best, capable hands. As such, all Life Skills employees, including office staff, are required to participate in rigorous training sessions to ensure that all are highly skilled in working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Training includes, but is not limited to:


  • 6 hours of American Red Cross training
  • 16 hours of training that includes CPR/first aid, Med Level 1 certification, nutrition, bloodborne pathogens, safety, fire, safety, HIPAA, diversity and abuse/neglect (annual training required)
  • 16 hours of Mandt System 1 & 2 training where participants learn to understand individuals' behaviors as they use them to communicate needs and feelings, communication skills, conflict resolution, and demonstration of physical skills in assisting, supporting, separating and restraining
  • 19 hours of Intensive Autism training
  • 17 hours of medication administration training
  • 2 hours of professionalism training
  • and much more! 


Additionally, a thorough background check report is completed for every Life Skills employment candidate, which includes a detailed review of information pertaining to character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living and credit standing. Events that immediately disqualify a candidate for employment include, but are not limited to felonies, crimes involving sex, theft, abuse or neglect of any form, and crimes of violence. 


For more information, please contact Judy Goldford at 314-567-7705, or by e-mail at judy.goldford@lifeskills-mo.org.  To download our Community Living Frequently Asked Questions, click here